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Hire a WordPress expert for WooCommerce Support, Development, Website Design,
Graphic Design, Maintenance, Optimization, and Malware Prevention & Removal.

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We make sure your website is hack proof, fast, secure & always up
so your visitors & search engines trust you. Guaranteed.

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you get 24/7 unlimited access to a team of WordPress professionals that can help with any issue that you have.

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Uptime Monitoring

Downtime is the enemy. We will monitor your site and notify you if it’s down and fix it with our 24/7 support team.

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New Feature

Want your site to do something new? Tell us what you need, and we’ll locate, install and configure it.


We will optimize your website speed in order to get the most out of your hosting service and your website. Faster website = better performance.


We will update your WordPress system for you, safely and thoroughly. Your site will be updated with the most recent WordPress theme and plugins, tested for usability.


Our Security Scanner can help prevent hacking by reinforcing your site against the vulnerabilities of WordPress.

New Site

Does your site need a complete overhaul? We’ve got your back, and we’ll make the transition from old to new headache free

Malware Removal

When your site has urgent problems like malware, we will fix it and make sure you’re in great shape.


WordPress Sites need maintenance. We’ll make sure your site is up to date and maintained properly.

Web Design

We’ll take care of all your digital graphics needs such as logos, banners, ads, icons, and all the photoshop work you’ll ever need.


Your dedicated designer will make you proud and your web visitors very impressed.

Cloud Backup

Let our backup service store your content on a cloud so that we can restore crashed or broken websites in minutes.

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$ 267
/ MO
  • Unlimited WordPress Task
  • Unlimited graphics and design tasks
  • Submit tasks 24/7
  • One day turnaround
  • Up to 1 hour per business day
  • Up to 2 Sites
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Theme, plugin, and core software updates
  • Backups and restorations
  • hosting (Optional)
  • SEO Recommendation
  • Priority emergency care
  • Bi-Weekly Report


$ 397
/ MO
  • Unlimited WordPress Task
  • Unlimited graphics and design tasks
  • Submit tasks 24/7
  • One day turnaround
  • Up to 2 hour per business day
  • Up to 6 Sites
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Theme, plugin, and core software updates
  • Backups and restorations
  • Hosting (Optional)
  • SEO Recommendation
  • Priority emergency care
  • Website build and redesigns
  • Bi-Weekly Report
  • Hacker, Malware Prevention & Removal


$ 997
/ MO
  • Unlimited WordPress Task
  • Unlimited graphics and design tasks
  • Submit tasks 24/7
  • One day turnaround
  • Up to 4 hour per business day
  • Unlimited Sites
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Theme, plugin, and core software updates
  • Backups and restorations
  • hosting (Optional)
  • Priority emergency care
  • Priority emergency care
  • Hacker, Malware Prevention & Removal
  • Bi-Weekly Report
  • Monthly Video Creation
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • 1-on-1 Phone Calls and Real-Time Chat Collaboration

Just some of the businesses we support

We make sure your website is secure, fast and hack proof

Churches & Organizations

We maintain your website so you can focus on what matters

Health & Fitness Centers

Keep website up to date and attract more members, clients

Small Businesses

We keep it simple and take care of things behind the scene


We manage your restaurant’s website and keep from being hacked

Local Governments

We secure your city, town, or county’s website from any malicious attacks.


Blogging is what you do. Let us handle the heavy lifting.


How Do Trinity Web Agency Protect & Improve
The Functionality of Your Site.

Security Scans

We conduct regular security scans on your site. We immediately fix suspicious malware attacks and resolve issues quickly.

IP Lockout

Brute force attacks are no match for our IP Lockout software. We protect your site with automatic IP bans of hackers trying to access your site.

Attack Prevention

Hackers, brute forcers, and malicious bots are no match for our mighty WordPress security shields and protective technology. 

Brute Force Prevention

Brute force attacks are no match for our technology. We permanently ban IP’s or trigger a timed lockout after a set number of failed login attempts.

Login Masking

We better secure your default login URL. Make it tougher for bots to find your login screen with a unique slug.

Speed Optimization

Your website’s speed matters. We Work to improved your website performance, and fix issues that is slowing your site down.

Weekly Reports

Never be left in the dark, with weekly customized reports about the health of your site, and what we’ve done to keep up and hack proof.

Support Available 24/7

You have an issue, simply open a ticket and our team of experts will get to work.

Let's Be Honest... you want more customers Without Constant Website Issues

We are a dedicated WordPress & WooCommerce service with a full-time team of amazing developers, designers, graphic artists, task managers, quality assurance professionals, and three levels of management focused on taking care of your WordPress & WooCommerce needs.

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About WordPress

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a powerful blogging platform that runs on PHP and MySQL databases. WordPress users can create and edit various types of content and add different features, such as videos, RSS feeds, polls, and a variety of other media, to their blogs. 

WordPress features an extensive plugin architecture and, in comparison to other platforms, provides excellent documentation and support for new users.

How do I use WordPress?

 To get started with WordPress, all that’s needed is a web browser, an account, and an FTP program or web host that offers WordPress installation. WordPress offers several standard user themes as well as many popular plugins that can be either paid or free.

Many active plugins exist that provide basic site organization and advanced functionality, while others focus on providing features that may be more beneficial to the casual or professional blogger. 

These “what is WordPress” topics are part of the WordPress community, where developers, designers, and plugin authors have come together to share information and help each other optimize their websites.

What Is A WordPress Website?

If you have ever wanted to know what is a WordPress website, it is free software that allows anyone to quickly create professional looking websites from scratch. The term “WP” stands for something very simple – WordPress. 

WordPress is a powerful free and open source content management system (CMS) written in PHP and combined with a MySQL or MariaDB back end database.

It makes use of the MVC model view controller architecture and includes a large number of themes, plugins and other aspects that help to increase productivity and efficiency on a WordPress site.

The most important aspect of a WordPress site is the theme or template you use to build your site. The WordPress code is relatively easy to read and modify however if you want to change something major, like customizing the entire theme design, then you will need to hire someone that can write code.

The WordPress website builder also does not make much use of HTML or CSS, so it can be difficult for someone not used in this format to add additional functionality to their site.

Before diving in and completely converting your existing website to a wordpress site, try looking over a guide that explains all the functionality of operating a wordpress site as it can be quite time consuming if you are unfamiliar with some of the back end operations. 

WordPress Themes

WordPress themes are crucial to having a user-friendly wordpress website. If you install the wrong theme, the interface of your site can have a negative impact on how trusting your site looks to visitors.

Most WordPress themes include basic tutorials that walk you through the unique features and allow you to try out one feature at a time. Some free themes have tutorials that offer a visual example on how the theme will work on your site.

This is the case with most free themes as well as most of the paid themes that are available on the market.

Why should you use WordPress?

WordPress is considered by many to be a superior platform compared to other systems such as Joomla and Drupal. 

WordPress works behind the scenes so that any user has complete control over the look and functionality of their websites. 

Users do not have to understand programming or content management systems in order to efficiently create, manage, and operate a variety of websites. 

The WordPress software bundle also works behind the scenes, seamlessly integrating itself into websites and automatically loading necessary plug-ins and modules whenever they are needed, saving website owners precious time and effort.

How Does WordPress Work? A Beginner’s Guide to Creating a WordPress Site

WordPress is one of the best CMS programs around the internet. It offers a free, open source content management system that can be customized to any degree with themes. WordPress websites can be found all over the web with thousands upon thousands of people building them and spreading the word.

With WordPress, it doesn’t matter how computer savvy you are as the platform makes it super easy to get started. Here’s how it works in a nutshell: 

  • Buy and register a domain name that is catchy 
  • Pick a hosting provider that will host your WordPress site
  • Visit to install wordpress on your hosted site
  • Visit the wordpress dashboard to select a responsive theme
  • Install free plugins like yoast to add the best functionality to your site
  • Create your first blog post

What is Plugin in WordPress? Learn the Essential Knowledge Now!

What is Plugin in WordPress? Basically, a Plugin is a small script that can be installed in your WordPress site to enhance its overall functionality. WordPress has a great number of plugins both free and paid, which help to improve its functionality. We’ll take a look over those in here few lines.

There are a number of essential WordPress plugins which help to perform some specific functions like hiding the spam buttons in the header, hiding all the unnecessary files in the folder etc. 

There are a number of free as well as paid plugins available in the market for WordPress, which you can use to add functionality to your website. However, if you wish to add new functionality then first, you need to download a free plugin from the official WordPress repository and then install it into your WordPress site. This is the basic process of adding a new plugin to your website.

What is WordPress Hosting?

WordPress hosting is a popular choice among webmasters and bloggers everywhere. If you haven’t heard of it yet, then maybe it’s about time that you did! WordPress hosting is hosting that is designed specifically to fit the needs of a blog or website. As its name suggests, it is made for blogs and websites, which make it very flexible and easy to use. It is very easy to install as well, which makes it perfect for a lot of people who do not have technical experience with website development or maintenance.

In a nutshell, WordPress hosting involves little more than setting up your domain, creating a blog on your site, and then placing files in the right places on your website. In other words, all you have to do is follow instructions, and it will do the rest. The WordPress software itself is very easy to use, and there are many different plugins out there to help you customize your site.

It is also typically bundled with automatic updates, so there is no need to worry about any security issues. Also, most WordPress hosting service companies offer dedicated customer support if you have any questions or concerns, so you can always contact them with any problems that you are having.

If you are looking for a hosting company that offers great features and a high level of flexibility, then you should definitely take a look at WordPress Hosting. There are many different companies out there that offer this specific type of service, so it pays to do some research and find out what features each company offers, and which ones they prefer not to include.

WordPress hosting is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses because they provide fast loading and great functionality. As technology changes, so do the needs of websites and blogs, and if you want to stay on top of the trends, then you should definitely consider taking a look at what is WordPress-specific hosting. You will be able to find affordable, reliable servers that offer you everything that you need to keep your website live and running!

What is Managed WordPress Hosting

A managed wordpress hosting is a service where all complexity and technical operations of running WordPress website are managed by the host company. This all-in-one service includes security, malware prevention, speed, WordPress updates, cloud backups, website uptime, and expandability.

Why an FTP Plugin is More convenient than FileZilla 

Another important function of WordPress plugins is to provide FTP functionality to your site by installing a plugin called FTP plugin. You can just simply search for ‘FTP plugins’ at and you will get a list of FTP plugins. The most popular and widely used by most webmasters is the File Manager plugin, which helps to configure, install, delete and edit any files into your WordPress site. In this way, the entire process of installation and configuration becomes much simpler.