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All Small Business Owners know that posting on social media is a powerful resource to attract New clients

But there are a few different problems that make it hard for you to do it regularly...

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Handle All Your Daily Social Posting

we post content once a day, 5 days a week to Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram & Twitter

We Customize Each Post For Engagement

We learn your business inside & out, and then we create engaging content specifically crafted for your business

We Grow Your Followers on Auto-pilot

By posting regularly, we will help grow your audience & add more followers.

Engage Your Audience

Educate your audience in a way that has them asking if they can hire you(or buy your product).

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Reflect for a moment and smile because of the countless hours of time you just saved: We will begin posting and increasing your social media presence within 48 hours of gaining manager-level access to your accounts.

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Most Frequently Questions

Once we get your order, we will assign an account manager to your account dedicated to researching your business and acquiring vital information regarding your competitors and your target audience. The manager of your account will use this information in order to understand exactly what your audience is looking for and then begin posting content custom tailored to benefit the specific needs of your business. You can always provide direction and feedback to your account manager by email at anytime as we work on your accounts.

What type of payments do you accept?We accept all major credit cards as well as debit cards. Including Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express and UnionPay.
Hashtags will help people interested in your industry, specific topic, location or business find you on social! And they aren’t just limited to Twitter anymore- Hashtags are used on all platforms that we offer. You may use up to 30 hashtags per post on Instagram, and we recommend 3-5 on all other platforms.

Yes! You are free to continue posting and managing your accounts to whatever extent you would like.

Data shows that content marketing works best when a variety of post types are used, including links to non-competitor articles, facts, statistics, quotes and a host of other creative ideas. We usually post around 2 promotional posts a week, but if you’d like to change this frequency, you are welcome to request a different content calendar.

Feel free to send them over to the Trinity Web Agency manager working with your account. They will be your point of contact and will be happy to assist you in handling any new products or specials. You are welcome to email new information or instruction to your account manger at any time. We are here to make things easier for you!

We recommend an allocated budget of $5/day to $16/day to support the sponsored content to ensure your brand is introduced to all of your followers and new people.

By combining the direction that you’ve sent us in your survey and our expert content curation skills, we never run out of post ideas! If you’re looking for anything specific, we always encourage you to send us direction, suggestions, upcoming events and photos to us via email.
Due to recent API changes, Instagram has made it clear the best way to grow exposure is through sponsored content. In the past, automated growth systems could help with exposure but those days are now behind us. With Trinity Web Agency, we can run a “likes campaign” to grow followers on your Facebook Business Page and sponsor posts throughout the month to your desired audience for increased engagement on that particular posts.


Growing followers on Instagram is slightly different, we can still promote posts for increased exposure but we cannot run a “follow my page campaign” as Instagram does not allow it.

The goal with these ads is to get your brand out in front of more people, adding brand awareness, credibility and social proof to your business.

We use a variety of strategies to reach a larger audience on Facebook, but if you’d really like your engagement and Facebook “Likes” to skyrocket, advertising is your best bet. We offer a great option called Facebook Ad Accelerator Plus for an additional cost, that can make a big difference in your post reach and page likes!

Social media content creation is focused on building brand awareness. Potential clients need to know about your business before you make a sale. That’s where we come in. We educate your clients about your product/service/business, and establish a rapport with them.

We want you to appear as an industry expert, so we share content related to your business. We do NOT guarantee sales through our content creation, as this is much different and is called the conversion phase.

We could post as much as we want but if your company is not poised to close a sale, we cannot control that. If you’re interested in learning more about conversion marketing, please reach out and we can discuss our Digital Marketing Conversion package with you.

If you have feedback or content direction for your social media accounts, please email managers@trinitywebagency.com so that it gets to your social media manager and account manager in the fastest manner possible.

The best way to facilitate content direction for an account is by email for us. We need to keep everything in writing so it can be added to your file. This is to protect your account from any personnel issues, such as a social media manager calling out sick, taking a vacation, or even leaving us.

If you do experience issues, please contact support@trinitywebagency.com, call our toll free number at the top of this page, or engage our online chat and the next available representative will assist you!

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Social Media Marketing

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We Provide Social Media Services TO Carmel Business Owners

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing refers to a set of practices designed to reach customers who may be at work or on the move. Digital marketing has become more than a means of promotion for companies as more customers are increasingly turning to the internet to buy their products.

Digital marketing is essentially the part of advertising that uses internet-based digital technology such as mobile phones, desktop computers and other modern digital media devices and platforms to promote and sell products and services to customers.

The aim of digital marketing is to generate and maintain a high volume of targeted traffic to a business’s website, increasing its chance of conversion.

Digital advertising is generally measured in clicks, page views or revenue per click and can take many forms depending on how the advertisement is used.

For example, if the company decides to pay for a specific number of clicks in exchange for a specific amount, this would be called pay per click marketing. Digital advertising also has several forms:

As previously stated, traditional methods of advertising are still used by a number of businesses. However, the majority of digital marketing campaigns use newer tools and software to increase the reach and conversion of advertisements.

One of the most successful types of digital advertising is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is when the merchant pays a third party to place an advertisement on another business website in exchange for some sort of referral or commission.

If a customer clicks on the banner, the merchant pays the website owner the fee paid by the affiliate. This type of digital marketing is also referred to as pay-per-click marketing.

Pay per click marketing can be done both manually or automatically by using programs that monitor and track results of the advertisements and use the results to determine which ads have been most effective.

Social Media Management Tips to Keep People Interested

Social media management is the process of using social media sites to connect to your audience, grow sales, and generate website traffic to your website. This includes blogging, sharing great content with your audience, interacting with your followers and following them, monitoring your results, and conducting social media ads. This also involves designing your website to be appealing to your target audience.

Social media management is not new. It has existed since at least the late early 2000’s, when the first social networking sites were formed. The main difference today is that there are hundreds, even thousands, of social networking sites. Because of this, you must have an effective social media management strategy in place to ensure your success.

Social media management involves understanding your audience. It’s important to understand who is a member of your target audience, what their likes, dislikes, and interests are. You want to be sure that you post something related to your target audience. It should be relevant, entertaining, relevant to current events, or at the very least, a touch of entertainment.

To get started, create a blog on your favorite social media websites and start posting content. It is important that you understand who you are targeting your blog to, especially if you don’t know. A lot of blogs are set up to only target one area, which is irrelevant to your particular audience.

Your target audience should become aware of you and what you are offering. This can be done by regularly posting fresh content, engaging and participating your followers, and monitoring the results of your marketing campaigns. Many people will tell you to post daily, but most bloggers have several different posts. Posting daily might help you attract more followers, but if you are creating quality content then it may backfire.

You can then engage in conversations with your target audience. If you have more than one audience, you can join the conversations as well. This allows you to discuss what your website or blog has to offer with other users. This gives you a chance to communicate with other marketers, improve your reputation, and learn how you can better market yourself.

Once you have developed an account and made some new content, you should monitor the results of your efforts to see where your efforts are most successful. If you have made a lot of progress, this is a sign that you need to step up your social marketing efforts.

Using social management requires planning, monitoring, updating and controlling. There is a good chance that there will be times where you want to stop posting and just let things go, but the results should be positive. If you have not received any updates from you followers for a while, it is likely because you did not do enough to keep them engaged. However, if your blog has been getting lots of traffic, you should definitely consider increasing your posting frequency.

Social media management is a continuous process and you should take note of the results you are getting. If you find yourself losing interest in posting to your blog, you can easily go back and re-engage in your social marketing efforts and try a different approach.

The best place to begin with social management is on Twitter, Facebook, and other similar sites. You can use these platforms to post new content to your site or to increase your chances of getting noticed. While these sites are great for getting your name out there, you must keep in mind that many people who are interested in your niche will be looking for you there.

For example, you might get a lot of traffic to your blog through these social media sites, but there are hundreds or even thousands of people interested in your niche but not following you on these sites. Therefore, you should ensure that your page or profile has high quality content.

People will gravitate towards someone with good quality content. So when creating new content, you should ensure that you have a lot of informative articles, video tutorials, and helpful information that can help people get a feel for who you are as a person. Creating useful and relevant content can bring you more followers, fans and customers, which is all about building credibility.

Why Internet Marketing Services Can Help Your Business

Digital marketing services or advertising services are specially tailored internet marketing services to respond to the ever-changing changing behavior of users, as over 79 percent of users today are doing their research for desired goods or services online through a number of various online marketing and selling avenues available online such as portals, social networking sites and many other online marketing venues available on the internet. Internet users have now become the dominant force of online marketing in today’s modern world, with a significant number of businesses now employing digital marketing strategies to make profits.

To provide a clear insight into this situation, a large number of businesses, whether small or big, are now seeking the services of digital marketing companies that can help them boost their revenues. Such companies offer their digital marketing services and their marketing campaigns online, which can enable you to get your message across to your target market without having to spend a lot of time and money, but rather you can set up these digital campaigns within a very short time. Such companies can also provide you with an affordable digital marketing service package at a very minimal cost that will enable you to reach a lot of customers easily and effectively.

Internet marketing agencies to help you get your message across to your target audience easily by providing you with the necessary tools that enable you to create customized web sites or banners that will appeal to your customers. Such web sites are generally developed by experts who use special templates and other tools to make your web site attractive and appealing. Moreover, they also provide the necessary technical assistance to make your web site to function in an efficient manner.

Such internet marketing agencies help you promote your business and your products and services through a variety of traditional as well as contemporary media that include online advertising on sites such as blogs, forums, social networking websites and various other portals. Some of the companies that are offering these services today offer free promotional campaign packages where you can use such mediums to promote your products and services. Moreover, some of these companies even help you get your promotional campaign on a global scale through different mediums.

Companies that are offering these services can be accessed online or through phone and fax, depending upon your convenience. There are also companies that offer such services through virtual offices located in major cities in your location so that you can easily get all your required help from a single company. Moreover, most of the companies also offer personalized attention to all your queries so that your business can be run smoothly without any hindrances. These companies also offer various packages depending upon your budget.

With these services, you can expect various benefits such as increased revenue, enhanced sales and better quality of customer services. You can also get a chance to make a good use of various social marketing techniques and reach out to a lot of customers easily and efficiently. All you need to do is contact one of these companies and hire the services to get started today. It is advisable to choose a company that has been in the business for quite some time and is reputable and that has a proven track record and is known for its services.

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