You know that your church is something that could benefit many people in need of connecting to their faith. The issue is that you might not know how to get more people in the doors. Not to worry, below is a list of 20 church marketing ideas that will help your church membership explode with new members.

1. Build a Solid Logo – A good logo will be the key that helps your church to stand out. You want something that is memorable and easy to recognize. Don’t get too complex here, the best logos are simple and will reflect your values. Your logo should communicate the best aspects of your church.

2Signs, Signs, Signs – Your church needs to have a sign to attract new members and establish your location in the community. Don’t try to cut corners with this one. You need to invest in a permanent sign that will be the beacon to your congregation. Don’t forget to have a few smaller signs around the property as well.

3. Print is NOT Dead – Sure the digital world is all around us, but don’t ignore some of the more traditional ways to get your church out to the public. When you design and print new literature for your members and potential members, make sure that your brand logo is prominently displayed on all literature your plan to get into the hands of the public.

4. The Web is Your Friend – Every good brand has some sort of digital presence, and your logo should be displayed on all forms of electronic communication. From your website to email newsletters, you want your brand to be as recognizable as possible.

Social Media is the Way

Social media is no longer and optional marketing strategy. It is a must have for any organization serious about getting their message out to the public. There’s not a better way to reach the public than having a solid social media presence to attract new members and keep existing members in the loop.

5. Go Live – There’s no need to spend a chunk of your budget on television when you can broadcast live through social media. From the ease of your social media accounts you can have your services broadcast live so potential members can see all the great aspects of your church.

6. Pay for Advertisements – Most of the major social media sites have an option to create an advertisement to reach out to the public. The good news here is that these ads are relatively cheap and you can do multiple ads at various times throughout the year. You will reach people who might not otherwise have known about your church.

7. Create a Paid Account – With a paid advertising account through social media you can target the specific areas and demographics that you want to attract to your church. If you are looking to attract more youthful members, you can use a paid advertising account to hit that specific demographic.

8. Advertise Your Social Media Sites on All Publications – This can be easily achieved by placing hyperlinks to your social media sites from your regular website. You can also make sure to have your sites listed on all print advertisements and materials that get distributed to the public.

Make Sure Your Church Has a Professional Website

9. Professional is the Key – Hire a professional web designer to create the best interactive website possible. You want a site that allows visitors to explore your church, the amenities, and especially the message you want to convey. Reach out to your congregation, you might already have a great designer who is a member.

10. Use the Website to Post Videos of Services and Messages – You can get someone to record your services and reach those people who might otherwise be unable to attend regularly. The other benefit to this is that you give a glimpse to potential members of what a service at your church is really like.

Email Marketing

Since so much of the world is digital now, you need to take advantage of this and get your church involved in email marketing campaigns.

11. Invest in an Email Marketing Service – There are plenty of email marketing programs that your church can employ to get your message out to your congregation. It is as simple as creating a database of email addresses, create the materials, and hit send. You will reach so many member and you can easily keep them informed of special events and happenings at your church.

12. Consistency is Key – When you start with your email campaign, make sure that you remain consistent. Don’t over email your members, but make sure that you are consistent enough that they look forward to a weekly or bi-weekly message from your church. The beauty of email marketing is that it is a fraction of the cost of mail marketing (which is also valuable).

Direct Mail Marketing

Just like any other type of business, to really grow your church, you need to have a direct mail marketing campaign to support your other forms of marketing.

13. Create Printed Materials – Just like with your logo and social media sites, you will want to have brochures and other marketing materials mailed directly to the public. You will be able to reach a broad audience and target specific events (that your church is hosting) that you want to invite the public to attend.

14. Create Mailing Lists – Most direct mail software has the options of building a member list based on whatever parameters you decide to set. Want to get more of the kids of congregation members to participate in your youth group activities? You can create a mailing list that targets those specific demographics.

15.  Monthly Newsletters – This is a far cry from the old church bulletin. You probably have plenty of members who would appreciate getting a printed newsletter delivered to their door. It’s a great way to keep the congregation involved in all the good things happening at your church.

Get Out Into the Community

16. Community Outreach – The best churches are those that are integrated into their surrounding community. Workshops, community events, and bible studies are great ways to get out to the community that your church is there for their benefit.

17. Help the Less Fortunate – Organize events that your church can sponsor that will bring necessary aid to those members of the community who are in need. It is a great way to establish your church as a leader in the community and a place that people from all walks of life would want to associate with.

Create Church Swag

Get your church logo out into the public with items that people can use or even wear.

18. Get Items With Your Church Logo – T-shirts, coffee mugs, notebooks, and other materials are a great way to get your church logo out into the public. Sponsor youth sports teams and get your logo on the back of their uniforms. Stationery is a relatively cheap investment and an easy way to get your church logo (and an inspirational message) out to the public.

Use Your Congregation

Even with all the marking strategies available, there is still nothing like some good PR from your congregation.

19. Encourage Members to Spread the Word – Ask the members of your congregation to spread the word about your church to anyone and everyone they know. Those people are more willing to listen to a friend or family member when it comes to recommendations. Use them to your advantage to get new people in the door for a special event or your regular church services.

20. Signage – A great way to get your message out to the public is to make your main sign digital. The cost of these signs has gone down over the years and they are very easy to program. What better way to get to the public than projecting your message to every single person who drives or walks past your church?

Create a Brand

Every good product needs a good brand. That’s the way that allows new members to identify with your church and helps to separate your church from the crowd.

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