How To Install WordPress On SiteGround

WordPress is a well-known website builder on the Internet, with over a third of all websites being created using it. Here we’ll discover how to install WordPress on SiteGround.

The majority of web hosting companies allow you to set up WordPress quickly. Now you’ll be able to have a working website in a matter of minutes via CPanel.

Every successful setup includes a free WordPress theme for you to use. You may also use different free themes or construct your own.

What Is The Process Of Installing WordPress On Siteground?

The process of installing WordPress is simple and straightforward, with only a few steps.

  • Select a new domain name.
  • Select a plan to establish a new Siteground web hosting account.
  • You’ll need to enlist your new domain.
  • Set up a secure socket layer certificate.
  • Install WordPress.
  • Install a new theme, create modifications to the default theme, or delete it.
  • Ensconce plugins.

Let’s go through each of the steps in detail.

How Do I Create A Siteground Web Hosting Account?

Create a new account at Siteground (

You must select a Web Hosting Plan from the drop-down menu.

The StartUp plan is the most cost-effective alternative since it provides more than enough capacity for most new small company websites.

Enlist A New Domain Name

You have the option of creating a new domain or taking advantage of an existing one.

Look for a domain name that isn’t already in use. Confirm that the domain you choose is appropriate for your website’s name.

The next step is to acquire the domain name and web hosting plan.

WordPress websites need a new domain name and an internet hosting plan, in addition to the WordPress software.

When you make a purchase on our website, you’ll be asked to enter the account information (such as your email address and password), client data (such as first name, last name, and country), and payment details (such as credit card numbers).

Siteground Account Setup Sorcerer

Open a new Siteground account and confirm your email address.

As soon as you sign in to your Account at Siteground, the Account Setup Wizard will appear as a pop-up window in the User Area. The goal of this wizard is to assist you with the setup of your new website.

If you click the “I don’t want to set up right now” link at the bottom of the setup wizard, you’ll immediately be taken to a page where Windows will warn you that your activation key is about to expire. “Remind me next time I log in.”

Establish A SSL Certificate

Siteground offers free SSL certificates to all of its customers.

Because HTTPS is the most secure form of online communication, it’s important to use it for every WordPress website.

In the Account area, click “Go to cPanel” under the User Icon.

Select the root domain of your website and click Modify in cPanel home. In the SECURITY section, select Log into cPanel and then go to Step 3.

Lodge a new Let’s Encrypt certificate on your WordPress site.

The SSL certificate must be installed on the following two domains:

  •, or

If you’d rather your website be located at, install the SSL certificate on

how to install wordpress on siteground

Uncover How To Install WordPress On Siteground

Go to cPanel and install WordPress.

Select WordPress from the AUTOINSTALLERS list and change the protocol to “https://www.”

Installing WordPress On The Root Directory Of Your Server.

To change the domain name, first, select it from the “Choose Domain” drop-down menu and then leave the “In Directory” box blank.

You must first have a WordPress installation and an administrator account with access to the admin dashboard.

You can’t access Siteground because the username/password combination you’ve set up for WordPress website access isn’t accepted.

Select The Language Of Your WordPress Site’s Interface

The language you use in the WordPress interface is the language you prefer.

From the drop-down menu, choose English or your own mother tongue. This isn’t to be confused with the language in which your website’s pages are shown to visitors.

Simply double-click the .msi file to install it. If you follow the directions carefully, the program should begin installing in less than 30 seconds.

  • When the installation is complete, it will provide you with a URL for your new WordPress site:

And the admin login URL:

  • You may also access your WordPress site by going to:

How Do You Install A WordPress Theme?

When you are discovering how to install WordPress on SiteGround, a very important factor is the appearance. The appearance of your WordPress website is defined by WordPress themes. People may decide whether or not to rely on your website on the basis of how it seems. That means, in other words, Is your website trustworthy?

You may use one of four methods to obtain and set up a WordPress theme.

  • Choose a theme from the library.
  • You may install a free theme
  • Get a theme that has been designed by an expert.
  • To create a new WordPress theme, pick a WordPress theme designer.

Default Theme

Select “Cameras” from the left-hand side menu and then, under Camera Info, click on “Choose a Different Device.”

  • Appearance
  • Themes
  • You may always choose from one of the pre-installed WordPress themes.

To update a theme, go to Appearance -> Then click Activate to upgrade the current theme. Now that the new style has been installed on your website, please take a look at it.

How To Establish WordPress Plugins?

Go to your WordPress account and select the left-hand menu. Select

  • Plugins
  • Add New

The search box may be used to locate WordPress plugins. If you’re looking for “Yoast SEO,” try it out.

To install a plugin, select it from the list and then click “Install Now” and “Activate.”

How To Select A Domain Name?

If you’re purchasing a new domain name for your website, go with one of the best choices:

Option 1: Use a domain name that has a lot of keywords, such as

Option 2: Make a new word for a domain name. At first, the domain names of these websites were unknown to the rest of the world. e.g.,,, and others

The most popular domain extension is. com and variations on it are all too common. A frequent example variation is

Even if alternative extensions, such as .org, .net, and so on, are available, you should almost always select a “.com” domain extension when launching a website.

Subsequent Actions

Now as you’ve come to know each step of how to install WordPress on SiteGround. Now, the first thing you must do after creating a WordPress website is to get people to visit it.

There are more than 200 free traffic sources in this article, and you may utilize them to bring people to your website.

Examine the list and pick a small number of free traffic sources to label as “low-hanging fruits,” which are traffic sources that may be completed in a short time.

I’m talking about WordPress installation on Siteground in this blog post, and I’ve also produced a Chinese translation for it.

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