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4 Reasons Why We Are The
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We Design Sites
So Visitors Turn Into Clients

We know that a prominent call-to-action stimulant on a website can increase conversions by 34%. Because of this stat, we spend many hours designing a site with a strong call to action that will regularly convert visitors into clients.

We Design Sites
So You Can Be Found

When we design a website for our clients, our main objective is to design it so you can acquire more leads, and make your site search engine friendly so your customers can find your product or services online.

We Design Sites
So It's Mobile Friendly

There are more web searches done on a mobile device than on a desktop computer. With the being said, we spend a tremendous amount of time designing your site so it looks fantastic on any mobile device.

We Design Conversion
Optimized Websites

Did you know that website design agencies that take on a structured approach towards creating a conversion optimized website are twice as likely to see more leads than those that ignore conversion optimization.

The Need For a Website Design That Regularly Converts into Sales/Leads is Critical

Web Design

Are there hundreds of people in other states who buy a product inferior to yours, simply because they don’t know you exist? Does your website turn traffic into revenue? Do visitors who check out your website stay and pay for your products or services?


If your visitor log keeps climbing but you have no money to show for it, something’s not right. Here’s how Trinity Web Agency can help you fix that and turn that traffic into income.

Website vs. Brick-and-Mortar Only

Whether you sell highly specialized electronic equipment, run an extremely niche antique store, or treat patients at your private practice, one rule remains true: You need a website.


Here’s why many business owners resist the idea of websites: A good product or service should speak for itself. If they do they do their job right and provide a quality product, people will find it. People will even go out of their way to get it.


There are three reasons why that argument is no longer viable:


  • It’s out of date.
  • People shop and discover new stores online, especially on their phones
  • You’re limiting your own client base to people who can walk by your store



Many decades ago, numerous business owners resisted the idea of getting a store phone. Ask yourself: Twenty years ago, would you have been willing to drive to your dentist just to book an appointment?


If not, you shouldn’t expect clients in 2020 to only find you by happening to stumble upon your store.


In other words, not having a website means you’re visible to two kinds of people:


  • Your existing clients
  • People who happen to stumble upon your website


There are two problems here: First, not all the people who happen to be in close physical proximity to your brick-and-mortar store will need your product or service.


Second, and far more importantly, you run the risk of losing what existing clients you have. They can be converted to a competitor with an easily accessible website. All it takes is one instance of needing to contact you online and finding the lack of a website too big an inconvenience.


With a website designed by Trinity Web Agency? Your clients won’t be dazzled by someone else’s website. On top of that, anyone looking for products or services similar to yours can find out you exist and can reach you.

Other Benefits to Having a Good Website?

Here are some of the numerous other advantages an efficient website will bring:

Happier Clients Are More Loyal Clients

Your clients can find what they want, buy, or contact you online, saving them time and money and establishing their client loyalty even further.


Your clients can also visit your website to look up your number or location if they happen to forget it. This spares them major inconvenience in this fast-paced world. It also spares you the loss of a client who may settle for an inferior alternative simply because they can find it easier.

Hook Your Existing Clients on New Products or Services

Letting your clients know about new features, products, or services you offer has never been easier. A simple email or text can increase your potential revenue.

A New Era of Word of Mouth

Online, word of mouth happens the instant your client is happy with your product. Reviews can include pictures and videos and are powerful enough to sway would-be clients. They also reach an incredibly higher number of people than traditional word of mouth.


Happy clients gush about your business and assign stars on Yelp and other websites. These sites usually have categories. This means people using products like yours will see good reviews about your business.


Even clients who aren’t tech-savvy enough to leave online reviews can earn you money. Satisfied clients will share your website with friends and family via social media, simply because they believe you offer the best product, meaning potential clients and revenue for you.

Future Additional Income

Future collaborations with complementing businesses and/or ads can mean additional income. These collaborations can happen between extremely unlikely partners. Sometimes they may even have nothing to do with the product or service you offer.

What Makes a Website that Makes You Money?

Your website can be streamlined, easy to navigate, and full of clear links to all your services. But if it’s invisible to the people looking for those services, your business will be invisible too. Here are the ways Trinity Web Agency works to ensure your maximum visibility.


When people google products or services they want, they rarely venture into the second page of the search results. Your website therefore needs to rank in the top 10 results. This means doing some keyword magic to make search engines bring your site up before any other site.


This is SEO, or search-engine optimization. In the hands of a diligent web design company like Trinity Web Design, your website will be highly visible to your potential audience, earning you all the potential income you can get.


Achieving this needs web designers who know more than mere web design. The Trinity Web Design team creates beautiful sites, but they’re also well-versed in marketing and SEO.

Responsive Web Design

Because mobiles are the main way most people use the internet, it’s also the main way they’ll land at your website. Google also considers mobile-friendliness a factor for ranking websites in search-engine results.


In this multi-screen day and age, a responsive website can cost or earn you potential clients.


Responsive web design provides your website visitor with the easiest viewing experience possible. This means your website is created in a way that automatically scales its content up or down depending on screen size. Your visitors won’t need to adjust anything to read your site.


At Trinity Web Design, we factor in every possible aspect to achieve that. We make sure images aren’t larger than the screen width, for instance. If you’ve ever visited a website and had to keep resizing or zooming in or out, you know firsthand how annoying that is.


Do your visitors have to click and scroll through a maze of pages to find what they’re looking for, if they ever do? Are there daunting walls of text that drive your visitors away, never to come back?


At Trinity Web Design, we make sure your visitor can find everything easily and quickly. This includes anything and everything from the right dropdown menus to the right fonts and font colors, all the way to background colors and strategically placed borders to mimic natural light.


This is something we’ve seen missing even at professionally designed websites. With approximately one billion disabled people worldwide, we’re frankly astonished each time we see a site designed without taking this into account.


Your clients include the aging and the disabled, and both groups interact with technology differently. Many disabilities are invisible. This means that unless they’re part of your life, they won’t even occur to you while designing your site.


Trinity Web Design implements best-practice accessibility guidelines to create the best disability-friendly websites we can. We even try to assist assistive tech, like screen readers, by describing our links so that screen readers will read them out.


We also try your website through assistive technology and listen to feedback from disabled beta testers when possible. We know that you’ll lose a hefty chunk of your existing and potential market if your content isn’t accessible.

Cutting-Edge Tech and Knowledge

Even though Trinity Web Design employs experienced professionals, we’re all keen not to stagnate. Trinity Web Design makes a point of staying informed and keeping up with new and emerging technologies and trends.


Our designers are eager to learn and add to their considerable repertoire. They attend workshops, courses, and seminars to constantly apply the science of web design, always keeping the human in your clients into consideration.


This ensures your website provides a viewing experience your clients will be in no hurry to leave.

Dangers of Amateur Web Design

There are plenty of free sites that promise to host your company website and let you design it yourself. It might be appealing, but it could end up costing you your clients.

Navigation Problems

If you’re not well-versed in the science behind web design, you may end up burying the vital information beneath endless menus and links. This could cost you clients who leave out of frustration when they can’t find what they need.

No Call-to-Action

A call to action can be simple, like encouraging your visitors to call you for more information. It could be more detailed, like linking them to an online form to fill. Regardless, a call to action usually uses action verbs asking people to join, subscribe, call, buy, and many more.


At Trinity Web Design we know how to convey the right sense of urgency to inspire action, such as urging the visitor to participate in a limited-time only purchase for a free gift.


A well-intentioned amateur may come across like a nag, overwhelming visitors with options until they drive those visitors away.


Here are some other mistakes that result from amateur web design:


  • No contact info
  • Content is too wordy or confusing
  • Graphics are too busy
  • Website is trying to court everyone with no target audience
  • Poor ad placement


The right website needs to combine a stunning interface, smoothly running code, and the best digital technology possible.


At Trinity Web Agency, we work diligently to turn all those web hits into a steady flow of cash, use our SEO knowledge to help you rank high in search-engine results, and make sure your website is technologically and aesthetically well-equipped for a long, prosperous future.

Small Business Website Design Company

Are you trying to stand out in your industry and your website doesn’t bring in any traffic? Then we are here to help you with all of that. Trinity Web Agency is a team of web design and SEO professionals from Kokomo that can help you create the ultimate website for your business. It’s very important to have a visually appealing, unique website that really pushes the boundaries and takes your business to that next level all the time. We are committed to helping you create a website that’s unique, different and which connects with people from all walks of life fast and easy.

What makes Trinity Web Agency unique is the fact that we focus on SEO and ranking while also creating a website design that’s appealing and very functional. But why do you need to rank online? Let’s find out:

  • Your rank will directly affect your credibility within your industry
  • A great website will be accessible from all platforms, be it mobile or desktop
  • Customers will have a way to interact with you, all while having direct access to the content that they want.
  • Your website will be easier to find if it ranks higher
  • It’s easier to generate traffic for your marketing campaigns, and that can translate into business profitability.

Trinity Web Agency creates an outstanding website for your small business

While there are many free tools to create your website using a template, that won’t offer you the results you want. It’s important to create a website that shares your company’s looks and feels. Using templates will not help you at all, instead it will bring in a very low value and quality, which is exactly the type of thing you want to avoid.

With help from a good website design you can really push the boundaries and show customers your true value. On top of that, you show everyone that you share your own message and ideas, and you don’t have to copy others and their own approach. Also, template creators can easily change the design or just not offer any support for those templates in the long run. That’s the thing you want to avoid, and with the right approach you will be able to avoid it.

Why should you choose the Trinity Web Agency:

  • We create websites that are different, visually impressive, enticing and a pleasure to use.
  • The website design will be professional and very clean
  • Each one of our websites is fully responsive, which means it will adapt to any screen size and provide a native experience.
  • Every website we create is SEO optimized, and that means you will be able to rank high in search engines fast and easy.

Each time you work with the Trinity Web Agency you will receive a tailor-made, fully customized website to suit your needs and requirements. All you have to do is to check it out, give it a try and you will be very impressed with the results every time. We believe that your business can achieve amazing results, all you need is the right commitment and focus. Take your time and start pushing your business to the next level by using the best website design services. Give the Trinity Web Agency a try today and we guarantee you will not be disappointed!

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